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Dec 30, 2019
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Official Guidelines - These guidelines apply to every service within Offtopica.NET.

  1. Respect everyone, no matter the difference of opinions or tastes.
    We are all human and have a right to an opinion no matter what the topic if both of you have a valid point leave it at that, their no right or wrong answer example: If one likes Trump and one like Hilary for whatever reason they each have valid points.
  2. Inappropriate usernames, profile pictures, signatures, etc. will be removed.
    Anything that involves NSFW, Back-seat moderating, impersonation, explicit names signatures etc.
  3. Racism, bullying, harassment, sexism, threatening, discrimination, or similar will not be tolerated.
    Everyone is welcome here no matter race, skin color, origin, sexual orientation. gender. Again viewpoints are respected but not attack towards other members/staff.
  4. Reputation and post farming will not be tolerated.
  5. Back-seat moderating will not be tolerated.
    Posing as a staff member when you clearly are not is not allowed and will be punishable with a ban.
  6. Advertising is only allowed in certain sections of the forum.
    or unless you get specific permission from an Administrator and have to go through an approval process, if denied don't just post it as you will get perm banned for 1 without permission and/or 2 not being in the correct section.
  7. Ban evading will result in a permanent IP Ban or Discourage.
    If you are banned from a violation you did its best to wait for the ban to expire or appeal your ban by contacting an Administrator otherwise it will just increase your time or you will never be welcome back.
  8. Always post in the correct sections and make sure to use the correct formats.
    If your post is objectionable and does not follow each forum rules/format it will be removed or altered in accordance to Community Guidelines
  9. Posts regarding or mentioning adult content (NSW) or gore is not allowed.
    No porn, funny jokes are ok, If it is over the line staff will remove it with or without warning.
  10. Posting or linking to sites that host, share, or are known to have malicious content is forbidden.
    Which also goes under spamming/Scamming violation.
  11. Spamming or scamming will not be tolerated and is strictly forbidden.
    No spamming just to get your post count up, make quality posts. No scamming members to other sites a legit advertisement needs to be addressed and approved by an Admin first.
  12. Keep all swearing down to a minimum.
    Swearing is allowed, use it in moderation and not in an attack sense or insult, respect everyone's opinions and views.
  13. No posting or using flashy or fast-moving gifs.
  14. Impersonation of anyone, including staff, is frowned upon and will be severely bannable.
  15. Useless or old threads will automatically be moved to the trash bin by staff.
  16. Posting your personal information or that of others is strictly forbidden.
    This is for your protection as well as the community.
  17. Take all drama elsewhere.
    We understand we all have situations and circumstances, which is fine if it applies to something but no spreading rumors or any highschool drama about i.e. members, staff, community etc.
  18. Be yourself and have fun!

We reserve the right to modify and enforce these guidelines at any time.
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