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  1. bradley S

    was your puberty difficult?

    Was your experience of puberty difficult if so in what way?
  2. bradley S

    bradleyj here

    Hello all, I am Brad. I was the original owner of this forum that essentially founded this. I went by bradleyj. I am glad to see it back again.
  3. bradley S

    Way back time machine

    Has anyone used the wayback time machine to see what previous years projects you did and looked back up til now have you progressed over the years or has your style maintained?
  4. bradley S

    Yabb - Yet another Bulletin Board

    It is no longer used as far as I know, I used it when i initally got into web/community building. It was a decent one. It had alot of features. This is their support community page. I suspect they are still around sorta, although it is not a big community like it once was and it seems they are...
  5. bradley S

    Mork and Mindy

    Mork and Mindy was my favorite show growing up. I watched it a lot when it came on and along with other shows around that time. Granted they were re-runs as I wasn't born in the 70s Also RIP Robin Williams
  6. bradley S

    Make a suggestion

    If there is a topic you want us to cover send a PM or post here what you want to see or add. We will consider it and let you know if we have considered to add it.
  7. bradley S


    Has anyone ever gotten spanked? Grounded OR ?? When I was from 4-5 maybe until 8 I got spanked but after that mostly grounded to room or grounded from TV or outside.
  8. bradley S

    oldie is the goodie

    What older music do you like? I like 80s classic Rock, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Phil Collins, Papa Roach, Hinder, BuckCherry. Bryan Adams some probably dont fit in Classic Rock but with in that era still :D
  9. bradley S

    Changes that some may or may not know,

    For some of you probably don;t know Jelsoft sold vBulletin software to Internet Brands, Do you think their is anything different with that change good or bad? Would they be where they are at if they didnt aquire them? Has their rules / policies changed any since the change / transaction took...
  10. bradley S

    Growing up experiences

    What were your experiences growing up? Was it strict, or lenient? Did you have siblings you grew up with? Sibling rivalry? Did you sneak out of the house to go to friends or wherever? If theirs anymore you want to describe do tell..
  11. bradley S

    List of games

    I haven't updated my list of games in a while but here are a few that I have played and a few are a bit older. PC Commandos Half-life 2 GTA Vice City, San Andreas, 5 Sims 2, 3, 4, On PS4 Dying Light Last of us Remastered Until Dawn
  12. bradley S

    PC Template

    If you need assistance with a PC to help keep things organized please use the following template Brand: (_____________ )(Dell, Alienware, Asus etc. OS: ( ________________)(Win7, Linux, 10,etc Issue: Describe the problem you are having in as much detail:( _____)