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Showcase Guidelines

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When creating a showcase, please remember what you post may be reviewed to or far from your tastes. If reviews are highly negative and say nothing constructive in them, we will remove them. If your showcase itself breaks one of our guidelines, it will potentially be removed.

What can be showcased?
Websites, forums, projects or communities.

Showcase Guidelines - Read our Community Guidelines before posting here.
  • Use our format when creating a showcase.
  • It must belong to you.
  • You must be willing to accept feedback.
  • No gore or pornographic content is allowed.
  • Not allowed to host or have malicious content or similar on them.
  • A Privacy Policy is highly recommended.
  • Must be public without some sort of registration or payment required.

Showcase Format

Site Name:

Site URL:

Site Description:


We, staff, reserve the right to remove your showcase if we see fit to do so. As we reserve the right to modify our guidelines.
Not open for further replies.