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  1. bradley S

    Show Yourself!

    Anyone else?
  2. bradley S

    Worst Addiction?

    Yea same here of course sitting around eatling out of boredum doesnt help either :( work changed for me too i was walking all over the place now where i work i am sitting 95% of the time.
  3. bradley S

    Worst Addiction?

    Safe to say that almost everyone has 1 or two bad habits. or a kind of Vice to go to.
  4. bradley S

    Sensitive Society Era

    What i always say to most people that whine about it is "If you dont like what i have to say dont ask for my advice or opinion" Or .. Well would you want me to lie to you like everyone else does including the media, and some respond with something like "Media doesnt always lie" which some...
  5. bradley S

    Some Sad News

    Damn I saw the full story thats sad and sucks to know someone that close, not that we knew him personally but more of in the community dev world. :(
  6. bradley S

    List of games

    Yea I have the 1st dark souls I havent gotten a chance to get the other 2 yet.
  7. bradley S

    was your puberty difficult?

    Was your experience of puberty difficult if so in what way?
  8. bradley S

    How time goes by

    I don't see that changing anytime soon of course never know but at this point, nothing to worry about
  9. bradley S

    Future of Electronics

    Well everything is becoming automated of course, and with the job security, it has there will be bugs all over it all. I think we will be not far from the jetsons in the near future if not now,
  10. bradley S

    bradleyj here

    Hello all, I am Brad. I was the original owner of this forum that essentially founded this. I went by bradleyj. I am glad to see it back again.
  11. bradley S

    Hey there!

    Welcome @dihep, Glad you enjoy it so far.
  12. bradley S

    Yabb - Yet another Bulletin Board

    yea it had alot of nice functions and what not. had a really good layout. At that time Forums were a thing and really took off.
  13. bradley S

    Way back time machine

    Has anyone used the wayback time machine to see what previous years projects you did and looked back up til now have you progressed over the years or has your style maintained?
  14. bradley S

    Yabb - Yet another Bulletin Board

    It is no longer used as far as I know, I used it when i initally got into web/community building. It was a decent one. It had alot of features. This is their support community page. I suspect they are still around sorta, although it is not a big community like it once was and it seems they are...
  15. bradley S

    How time goes by

    I'd have to agree on both of them statements :)
  16. bradley S

    Mork and Mindy

    its on youtube.
  17. bradley S

    What’s your preferred web hosting company?

    Yes, I stand by them too.
  18. bradley S

    Mork and Mindy

    Mork and Mindy was my favorite show growing up. I watched it a lot when it came on and along with other shows around that time. Granted they were re-runs as I wasn't born in the 70s Also RIP Robin Williams
  19. bradley S

    Make a suggestion

    If there is a topic you want us to cover send a PM or post here what you want to see or add. We will consider it and let you know if we have considered to add it.
  20. bradley S

    What's your favorite electronic machine?

    I would say I've always been more of a PC guy An android guy here when it comes to mobile aspect as it's customizable more so than IOS I play my PS4 on occasion.